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"This isn't just a place to lay your's a place to change your life!"

1116_fmel_nl_02.jpgAs a social worker for a Christian organization in South Bend, Melissa had helped other families get into Faith Mission. She never dreamed that she, her husband Marcus and their daughter Gabby would be here one day!

Homelessness happened gradually for this little family. The loss of a job. Hours cut back. Eventually, there was not enough money to pay rent on their apartment.

“We sent Gabby to live with my sister,” Melissa remembers. “We stayed in a motel. It took all the money I made just to pay for the room…pretty soon we were going to be homeless.

Less than two weeks later, the family was back together and headed for Faith Mission! Once they were settled, the real work began.

God gave me that experience for a reason,” Marcus says. “Being homeless…living on the streets…it was the way I was headed. I drank a lot. Faith Mission gave me the opportunity to see life while not intoxicated. They helped me be more responsible. Being sober now, I can show more attention to my little daughter, and hold a job!”

Melissa joined our Training Faithful Women program, and both she and Marcus soon found jobs here in Elkhart. Living at our Family Shelter made it possible for them to save up money to get their own place once they were ready to leave the Mission.

Independence wasn’t the only benefit they received during their time at Faith Mission.

Today, Melissa and Marcus have “a Christ-like marriage.” “That’s what we learned while we were here,” Melissa says. “More than saving money, more than stability, it was getting a closer relationship with God. That’s something we’ll be grateful for forever!”

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Help other people like Melissa…

Melissa's story of hope and healing is inspiring. Our long-term recovery programs exist to help other men and women in Michiana find healing. Will you help provide this help to others?