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Resident Services

Food Service

Faith Mission provides meals for Faith Mission residents (resident meals) during their stay, as well as area residents (walk-in community meals). Resident meals are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Walk-in community meals are available for lunch and dinner. Almost a third of the meals served are walk-in community meals.

Specialized Referral Services

When an individual becomes a resident of Faith Mission, they generally have a variety of needs that must be addressed. These needs can include mental and physical health issues, addictions, education, legal, employment, etc. Because the Mission is not equipped to deal with all the potential needs of residents requiring professional services, referrals are made to other community entities that specialize in the area of need that must be addressed at any given time.


Faith Mission provides transportation for a variety of needed referral services for residents and also if needed for full- and part-time work outside Faith Mission.

Because Faith Mission works so closely with other community entities in order to assist the residents, transportation plays an important role and is an integral part in this effort.


Work Opportunities

There are a variety of work and volunteer experiences in which qualified residents can participate. Being able to work in the Faith Mission kitchen, thrift store, maintenance, or transportation department provides residents a sense of self worth during this uncertain time in their lives. Residents can also be hired out to do work at the homes of community residents. And, many are able to obtain part- or full-time work in the community and still maintain their residence status as they transition back into the community.

Social Enterprise

Faith Mission operates a thrift store located in an impoverished area of Elkhart which sells donated merchandise at a reasonable price. In addition to serving the community, this helps Faith Mission defray its operating costs. The store also provides clothing and other products for its residents. Residents receive free clothing, on an as needed basis.