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Resident Track Program

programs_-_services_-_resident_track_option_1.jpgAt the heart of Faith Mission’s effort to help those who have sought assistance is the track program. All regular residents are required to be involved in one of the track programs provided. It is our intent, through the track system, that an individual’s life situation will be changed so they might be able to take the steps necessary to leave the Mission and become a productive member of society.

1. Emergency Track

This is designed for individuals or families needing emergency housing. An individual has up to 30 days in the Emergency Track then they must decide on entering either the Goals or Discipleship Track, or find alternative housing. The basic requirements are background checks and bed space.

2. Goals Track 

This is for individuals or families who stay at Faith Mission longer than 30 days. It is a program designed to help clients develop the skills necessary to break the cycle of homelessness. The Goals Track works in conjunction with other community agencies to which residents are referred to get assistance. It can take 6-12 months to complete. Residency is allowed for up to 12 months. 

3. Discipleship Track 

This is for individuals or families who stay at Faith Mission longer than 14 days. It is a faith-based, life skills program track designed to help clients develop the skills necessary to break the cycle of homelessness and build a strong foundation in their faith. The Discipleship Track is designed with emphasis on the spiritual with some referrals to other community agencies. It takes 12-18 months to complete.

4. Shepherding Track

This is a special needs track for individuals or families who need to stay beyond the time allotted for the Goals and Discipleship Tracks.

The track program has key components which are available to aid the individual in their effort to improve their station in life. These are as follows:

Self-Improvement Offerings

Activities are provided in which residents participate to help them improve their lives. These include a variety of classes and seminars (including topics such as job readiness, budget and finance, anger management), devotion/prayer time, Bible study, and one-on-one discipleship.


A chapel, within the Faith Mission complex, is provided and designated for use by residents. Residents may take advantage of the drop-in open chapel times where they may reflect or worship alone, or attend evangelical church services provided by community churches and individuals throughout the week. A Sunday morning worship service is also provided.


Counseling services are provided to all residents as needed. Because there is a variety of counseling needs of the residents, Faith Mission works on a referral basis with professionals in the community who can best address the needs of each resident.

For residents enrolled in the Discipleship Track, spiritual counseling services are provided as well.

Program Fees

All residents are required to contribute to the Faith Mission community either by program fees or program hours or the combination of both.